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Free Self Paced trainings and labs on Amazon Web Services


Please find below the details of FREE AWS trainings and labs provided which I got via email communication. Sharing the same for your reference.

AWS has released a new training series called “Introduction to AWS” ( )

This series features free and on-demand instructional videos combined with free self-paced labs to enable those who are new to AWS to learn about an AWS service in 30 minutes or less.

Our first set of videos and labs include the below topics:
•       Introduction to Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3)
•       Introduction to Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)
•       Introduction to AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM)
•       Introduction to Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS)
•       Introduction to Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS)
•       Introduction to Elastic Load Balancing

Users can start by watching a short video about each AWS service to learn about key concepts and terminology and to see a step-by-step console demonstration. Videos are available on the Amazon Web Services YouTube ( ) channel under “Training & Certification”.  Following the video, users can get hands-on practice using the AWS service with a free self-paced training lab.

In case you have not started using AWS, you can do so asap, it works on a self-service model and the best way to learn about AWS is to just get started. Use a valid local credit card, sign up for an AWS account and get started right away. We work on a pay per use, pay as you go model.

You can get started right away by just creating an account at with a valid local credit card. By signing-in to the AWS Management Console, you can start spinning-up server instances in 2-3 minutes and get admin access ( RDP / SSH) to those instances straight away.

You are also eligible for a free tier which contains enough credits for you to start playing around with our services. Just to reiterate, this is not a free account – as long as you stay within the usage limits of this tier you will not be charged. When you start exceeding usage limits mentioned in free usage tier, you will be charged by the hour for the resources you are using. Please find more information at Refer Free Tier Getting Started Guide for more information. And you can always monitor your estimated AWS bill using our billing alerts.

Happy Learning.


IIT JEE 2011 Solutions & Answers from different popular institutes

Hi Friends,

A very good website which has links to Answer & Solutions for IIT JEE 2011 from popular IIT JEE training institutes.

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what to do in an earthquake: Drop, cover & hold on!

Hi Friends,

These days we have been hearing of Earthquake in some or other part of the world.. While browsing I found a nice line demonstrating what to do in an earthquake: Drop, cover & hold on!

Drop, cover & hold on!

Take care..



HOW TO: Download EARLIER (Archive) releases of JAVA products (JDK, JRE, etc)

Hi Friends,
Recently I wanted to download OLD version of JRE and I was search Oracle site & also on the NET.. but i couldn't find a easy source.. By spending sometime on Oracle Portal I found the below LINK which has ARCHIVES of OLD JAVA products.

Please find a screenshot from the page below showing different OLD VERSIONS of JDK 5.0.



Hope this helps.



Internet Routers & Modems: Default Passwords of various models

Hi Friends,

Today one of my friend got a DLink DI-514 router which was kept in desk for years and wanted my help in seeing if it is working or not. After my initial inspection i found out that the Adapter was burnt so went to market and bought a NEW Adapter and could see lights blink.. it works 🙂

But problem still remains with username/password for the device then i searched on the net and got some useful information on DLink site and also other websites.

I found the site, it has got information of default passwords of HUNDREDS of Internet router and modems both OLD and NEW models.

Hope  you will find the site useful..



Guide to Freshers Job Search (IT Jobs in INDIA)

Hi Friends,
I have been getting queries from my relatives, friends about best way to search for jobs for freshers. Few years back i came to know about the pH test conducted by

I recommend couple of my friends who wanted to search for jobs (freshers) and they took the pH test and scored very good marks in pH test.

Within weeks of writing pH tests, that person started getting calls from companies for written test, interviews. That person also got 2 offers, he gave me a very nice feedback about eLitmus.

Most of the jobs are from IT companies.

Hiring Potential test ( pH Test ):

I would recommend, visit, register on their site(free) and look up for pH test format, prepare well and register for the test (Fee Rs. 699 at the time of writing article) (it happens at multiple locations) and write the test.

After you get the test score, you will able to apply for jobs on their site based on requirements & eligibilty criteria of companies.

Please note companies might have another round of tests/interviews before they offer jobs.

Hope this helps.

Elitmus do have contacts with companies for jobs for experienced persons also through pH test.

Pass this information to all job seekers (mainly freshers) and help people get their dreamjob.
All the best.



Google Music India Launched

Hi Friends,

Google Music India is Launched.. So lets have a MUSIC BLAST 🙂

According to Wall Street Journal, "Google gears up to provide their Indian users with more options to entertainment. They will soon be adding a new music feature to its search service where users can search, hear and download songs of their choice easily and conveniently. The top search results would belong to Google’s partners."

Partners include saregama, saavn,



Check Pollution Levels in YOUR city

Hi Friends,

The Eureka Forbes Institute of Environment (EFIE) is a non-profit body of likeminded professionals. It was set up in 2000 by Eureka Forbes Limited to promote awareness about managing our natural water and air resources.

Vision of EFIE is "Unpolluted water and air is our children’s birthright."

EFIE collects and posts data related to Pollution at some specified places in different cities in India @

Check out the pollution levels in your city.



Common Wealth Games 2010 New Delhi, India – Live Streaming

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Common Wealth Games 2010 New Delhi, India Live Streaming can be viewed @

Happy Gaming..



Visual TraceRoute

You might want to check the Route taken to reach a website visually. VisualTrace route is  a nice portal which can help find the Route to a website visually.