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Configure WinRM access for Non-Administrator users

Dear Friends,
Recently I was working on WinRM and trying to execute Powershell cmdlets on a remote Windows 2008 R2 machine with WinRM enabled, I could successfully execute the cmdlets with a domain user who belongs to administrator group, but I couldnot execute the same cmdlets as a domain user where is not an Administrator.

After debugging and searching for couple of hours, I could find the problem cause and the way to resolve this. The reason for the problem is that by default non-administrators wouldnt have access for WinRM, we need to provide access for non-admin users explicitly. Please find below the details of configurations to be done.
1. Launch Powershell prompt as a user with Administrator access (as we need to do privileged action)
2. Run the following command:
Set-PSSessionConfiguration Microsoft.PowerShell -ShowSecurityDescriptorUI
3. At the prompt, enter: Y
The Permissions window appears.
4. Add the users which need access to WinRM and close the window by saving changes.

By doing above configuration we should be able to use non-administrator users also use WinRM.

Hope this helps.

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Technologies changing how developers work in 2014

Hi Friends,

Recently I came across a very useful and interesting article on how the latest technologies are changing the way how software is developed and also how the skill set of developers for doing different kind of works has changed.

I agree with most of the points menti0ned in the article but there are few things like making use of only WYSWYG editors for creating websites and apps may not be the right approach as customization and making things look unique would be very important.


Please check the article @

15 technologies changing how developers work


Hope you will find the information in the article useful, please do share your comments and thoughts on the article in the comment section of this post.