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Guide to Freshers Job Search (IT Jobs in INDIA)

Hi Friends,
I have been getting queries from my relatives, friends about best way to search for jobs for freshers. Few years back i came to know about the pH test conducted by

I recommend couple of my friends who wanted to search for jobs (freshers) and they took the pH test and scored very good marks in pH test.

Within weeks of writing pH tests, that person started getting calls from companies for written test, interviews. That person also got 2 offers, he gave me a very nice feedback about eLitmus.

Most of the jobs are from IT companies.

Hiring Potential test ( pH Test ):

I would recommend, visit, register on their site(free) and look up for pH test format, prepare well and register for the test (Fee Rs. 699 at the time of writing article) (it happens at multiple locations) and write the test.

After you get the test score, you will able to apply for jobs on their site based on requirements & eligibilty criteria of companies.

Please note companies might have another round of tests/interviews before they offer jobs.

Hope this helps.

Elitmus do have contacts with companies for jobs for experienced persons also through pH test.

Pass this information to all job seekers (mainly freshers) and help people get their dreamjob.
All the best.