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Kiran Kumar Reddy to be new Andhra Pradesh CM: November 24, 2010

Hi Friends

As K. Rosaiah has resigned as Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh on 24th November, 2010. Kiran Kumar Reddy is the NEW ANDHRA PRADESH CHIEF MINISTER.

Hope he will be able to handle Law & Order in the state and administer things properly.


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Adam : “Ipad Killer” Made in India

Hi Friends,

 Hope you are all doing good..  Today while reading news paper i happened to see about a guy Rohan, CEO of the company Notion Ink which is creating the Ipad Killer it is called as Adam.

I visited their site and blog and i see the feature are AMAZING, it is real killer in features when compared to Ipad.  It is still the making and is expected to be released soon.

I recommend you all to visit their site & blog and check out the gadget which comes with Andriod.. Let's with Rohan and team ALL the very BEST.

For all those who are willing to buy a tablet pc.. i would say WATCH OUT for Adam 🙂



Happy Weekend.


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Can WebP be more effective than JPEG?

WebP: New Image Format from Google

Hi Friends,
As we all know JPEG is the most popular Image format on the internet since a long time. Challenging the Status Quo our beloved Google has developed a new Image Format called WebP.

Google promises that WebP would make transfer of images over the web faster by reducing the sizes by 39 per cent on average without affecting the quality of the image.

WebP is supported by Google Chrome.

Joint Photographic Experts Group (JPEG) was a committee formed in 1986.


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Stars share their pics on Twitter.. 45 pics..

Hi Friends,

Saw the pics shared by stars (hollywood & bollywood) on social networking site Twitter..

Check out @

I feel these stars are getting addicted to sites like Twitter and making their fans to be active members of the site !!


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